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On this page we present you three different suggestions of routes in our area, depending on the difficulty, with a brief description and an image clearly highlighting the characteristics of the places.


A simple trail mainly concentrated in the Seneghe municipal territory, with a northern detour that allows you to reach the freshwater spring of Elighes Buttiosos, directly below Monte Urtigu, the peak of the volcanic massif with its 1050m above sea level. The last part of the tour is set in the area of Cuglieri, just below the iconic Monte Conca Mele.

35km and 1200m of positive height gain.


Starting from Seneghe and immediately facing the provincial road SP16, towards the locality of “S’Iscala” (The Stairway), finally arriving at the top. From here, a long descent leads to the area of “Massa ‘e Loi” and the “Casa della Comunità Montana” (Home of the Mountain Community). The following climb, short but lethal, leads to the panoramic area of “Funtanas” (Fountains), from where we head towards the breath-taking seashore of S’Archittu and Torre del Pozzo. One more climb through the zone of “Sa Muntraba”, and you will finally return to where the journey began a few hours earlier.

60km and 2000m of positive height gain.


The hardest of our proposals, a 100km ride completed only few times by a small group of our daredevils. The itinerary starts from Seneghe and is characterised by an initial “soft” climb passing through the town of Bonarcado. You then reach Santu Lussurgiu where you face a dynamic urban trail in the old village centre, consisting of narrow streets and steep stairs. To reach Cuglieri, next checkpoint, you have to overcome the Bau Mela climb and the wasteful Massabari descent. While skirting the distant but breathtaking view of the seashore, you will take the mountain way again, arriving back at the starting point. The funniest part is at the end, because in the last kilometers you will face a couple of entertaining single tracks.

100km and 3000m of positive height gain.

GPX files available! You can request them by contacting us here from the web-site contact form or by email.