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Montiferru MTB bikers welcome you to their web space. Here you can get an overview of our associative history, our events and our activities in the area.


ASD Montiferru MTB, initially ASD Santu Lussurgiu MTB, was born in 2017 from a group of cyclists and mountain bike enthusiasts. Right from the start we organized various non-competitive activities in our beautiful territory and today, with over 30 members, we are the main cycling subject of Montiferru. In our group you can find people from almost all the Montiferru villages, from Seneghe to Scano di Montiferro Cuglieri, Santu Lussurgiu, Narbolia and Bonarcado.


We are particularly active, with a rich calendar of events and initiatives organized independently or in collaboration with our partners. Among our objectives there is also the networking with the social and cultural context of Montiferru, but also the need to further promote and enhancing the value of our territory and its particularities.

We love and are able to organize cycling events over different distances and basic educational days for young students, held by our instructors, as well as trail cleaning days.

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Here you can find the route that best suits your technical driving skills and your bike features: gravel roads suitable for fast XC, front and full; technical routes suitable for All Mountain and Enduro. Our recent interventions have also allowed us to further expand this network of routes, partly obtained by exploiting old paths and rural driveways, partly obtaining new trails into the woods, through stony ground and steep slopes.

HERE you can find a presentation of some of our favorite tracks, together with suggestions and resources on trails to take both in our company or independently.


Our playground is the Montiferru mount, which covers the territories of the municipalities of Cuglieri, Sennariolo, Scano di Montiferro, Santu Lussurgiu, Bonarcado, Seneghe and Narbolia. This historic region of Sardinia, a natural park of great environmental and landscape value, separating central-northern Sardinia from the fertile Campidano plain. The highest peak of this gigantic volcanic origin massif is Monte Urtigu (Su Mullone, or “Stones heap”), with its 1050m above sea level.

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